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Android has a great media library allowing all sorts of things. Until recently though, there was no way to encode/decode audio/video giving developers the ability to do literally anything. Fortunately Jelly Bean release introduced the android.media.MediaCodec API.
The API is designed following the same principles/architecture of  OpenMAX, a well known standard in the media Industry.
Transitioning from a pure high level MediaPlayer to the encoder/decoder level can be a big pain though. There is a lot more to be aware of when you are manipulating the tiny little bits that make great media 🙂
In this post I will describe how to use the API, highlighting the essential things to be aware of.
1.Get To Know Your Media
Another new class introduced in Jelly Bean is the android.media.MediaExtractorIt is pretty clear what it is all about, extract the metadata from your media and a lot more.

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