SMART Video!

★ SMART Video – See a scene that you want to see ★
The SMART Video is all-in-one video player for movies with subtitle and caption.

The subtitles are automatically organized.
Use the SMART Video for learning and more fun anywhere in a short time.

★ To use, Touch! Touch! and Sometimes Long Touch! ★

■ SMART Video Features
-Easy to use: Easy video and subtitle management, Bookmarks.
-Various learning methods: List subtitle, Video repeat, Subtitle vocabulary, Automatic translation

■Easy to use
-Touch: Run Video and subtitle
-Long Touch: Setting learning features.
-Move Up/Down: Fast Forward, Fast Backward

■Various learning methods
-List Caption: See a scene that you want to see
-Flash Mode: Flash learning of scripts
-Repeat a video automatically
-Listening & Dictation using subtitle
-Speech recognize
-Automatic translation: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic, Russian, More
-Automatically save learning info.

■Subtitle file
-Subtitle Type: Line and List scripts
-Vocabulary: If we provide a subtitle file, Vocabulary is automatically organized
-Support SMI, SRT, SUB subtitle file
-Support Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic, Russian encoding.
+Korean:(EUC-KR, KSC-5601, ISO-2022-KR)
+Chinese:(GB2312, Big5, ISO-2022-CN)
+Japanese:(Shift-JIS , EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP)
+US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1/2/4/5/6/7/8
+Window-1251/1256, KOI8-R, Turkish
+UTF8, UTF16, UTF32
+etc: Automatic Encoding

■Online dictionary: Google, Naver and Daum

■Naver Cafe/Blog: Visit for more informations.
*** SMART Video and SMART TED are integrated!!! ***
TED: Ideas worth spreading

Please.learn and share ideas with SMART TED in hand.
TED means Technology (Technology), Entertainment (entertainment), Design (design)

SMART TED can be used more quickly and easily for TED.
Also Native language and English can be used simultaneously as using both subtitle on layer screen.

SMART Video is developed for
subtitle learning, repeated listening and online dictionaries.

TED lectures are learning quickly and repeatedly,
Please digest TED knowledge with SMART TED.

* SMART TED Features *
1. SMART TED based on TED Translation for learning and spreading
2. SMART Video Learning feature can learn faster and easier.
(TED videos automatically organize sentences, and words. Repeated listening, etc.).
3. TED Translation offers the world’s languages​​, subtitles, “its subtitle,” and “English subtitles” notation.
4. English, Chinese, Japanese, etc. so that language learning can help provide accurate subtitle.
5. You can share a TED talks with Twitter, Facebook, kakaohtok, e-mail.
6. Use Download and Favorites for easy using without comm. cost.
7. Long clicks V in order to TED vocabulary and online dictionary

* Simple Usage of SMART Video *
1. Scroll and Click each list subtitle to jump
2. Long Clicks to make TED vocabulary.
3. Use gesture on screen to move previous/next.
4. See help for more usages

Happy blogging!


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